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Received Today: The Smashing Book #2

the smashing book 2
I have just received today my “Smashing Book #2“. I’ve pre-ordered it in January and was expecting it in February (as the Smashing Team announced) but not so fast on 1st of February. So, I guess the overlong shipping times of the first edition of the book have gone. I have received the book in a nice “Smashing Book #2″ branded box and couldn’t wait to look inside. The book looks awesome. The poor quality of the binding is gone and the “Smashing Book #2″ has “hardcovers with stitched binding, improved typography and a handsome bookmark” – quote from the preface. It has more pages than the first one and covers more interesting topics.
smashing book 2 and cover

The Smashing Book #2 & Cover

If you bought the “Smashing Book #2″ don’t forget about the bonus chapters that they didn’t include in the book because of the size limitations. They’ve released these chapters as “The Lost Files” included in a free bonus eBook available for the buyers of the “Smashing Book #2″.
smashing book #2

Smashing Book #2

Overall, the book looks and feels awesome. If the content has the same quality – and I doubt it hasn’t- this will become a great resource for every web designer out there and not only. I will come up with a honest review after I read it. Stay close!

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