5 Fails To Avoid on Your Business Website in 2017

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Online presence is a must-have for every single company, smaller or bigger. Online population is still growing and people use the Internet to find more information about businesses, their services or products.

To make a good business website that converts visitors to customers, it is important to know who the website is meant for. As a visual example, when it comes to new trends, you can use this collection for an inspiration -> best business WordPress templates.

In a point of view focused on marketing, there are three main groups of people that a business website is meant for:

  1. People that somehow know about the company and want to find out more about it. They want to find out more information about you the business itself and its products or services. These visitors are thinking about purchasing business’ products or services and they need more information to make a buying decision.
  2. People that have a certain need and are looking for a business that can help them satisfy it. These visitors are exploring their alternatives and the website should clearly let them know what are business’ advantages over its competitors.
  3. Your existing customers. A business website can be used to maintain a relationship with current customers, provide them with information such as billing info and even upsell them.

Big businesses usually have bigger budgets for their websites and they have them professionally made. That being said, most of the websites of big business are not perfect. However, small WordPress business websites often make the same mistakes over and over again. Having a good and well-made website can certainly bring a competitive advantage to its owner.

Here are 5 common mistakes of small business websites that you should avoid to stand out amongst your competitors:

1. Not Keeping Marketing in Mind

The primary goal of your website should always be to attract new visitors and convert them to your customers. Small businesses often have websites that contain just the basic information about the company and lack any kind of focus on marketing.

You are a small local company that provides some kind of services? Great. So are 5, 10, 20 or even more other companies. Be sure to tell your visitors how you can benefit them and why they should choose you over your competitors.

But marketing is not only about that. You should also focus on things like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Call to Action (CTA). SEO will help you get more visitors from search engines, while well written CTA will make sure that your customers know what you want them to do.

2. Not Being Mobile Friendly

The majority of users accesses websites using mobile devices. Navigating a website that doesn’t have a mobile version and is not responsive on a mobile phone is a nightmare. It is such a nightmare that a lot of visitors of a website like this will just leave. The times of desktop-focused WordPress websites with fixed dimensions are over. They have been over for years.

Make sure your website is mobile friendly. It is not only good for usability and your visitors overall happiness, but also for aforementioned SEO. Search engines tend to favour responsive websites and websites with designated mobile version. However, if you are creating your website now, responsivity is a way to go. If you’re not sure, run a test.

3. No Social Media Links

Let’s suppose you have your own social media pages and accounts. If not, you should set them up NOW. Your social media pages and accounts should be linked directly from a visible spot on your website.

If the visitors of your website are thinking about ordering your products or using your services, a quick glimpse at for instance your Facebook page can certainly help them make a final buying decision. If your Facebook page contains some positive reviews, the chances of converting will get even bigger. That being said, having reviews directly on your website is certainly not a bad idea either.

However, don’t just link to your social media pages from your website. Make sure that the links go both ways. Potential customers might find you on Facebook and they are not always willing to take their time to look your website up themselves.

4. Prioritizing Design Over Content

I already mentioned the importance of the content of your website, but I will mention it again. You should always keep in mind that the content is (and always will be) the top priority. Websites with good copy and bad design generally convert more than websites that have it the other way around.

Many small businesses make the mistake of prioritizing design over content, which often starts even before the website is made. They tend to have the design created first and then just “fill it up” with some text. Your website’s strategy should begin with its content. Even your web designer will help you, because it is much easier to create a design when the copy has already been written.

5. Lack of Contact Information

Even the best website will not increase your sales if people interested in your products or services don’t know how to get in touch with you. Make sure to include multiple ways people can contact you, such as physical address, e-mail and a telephone number. Some people prefer eye-to-eye contact, some people like to call and get instant answers and others prefer written communication. You should provide each of these groups with the means of commutation they prefer.

The “cost” of commutation should always be as low as possible. Some of your visitors might be deterred from contacting you by the smallest things, like having to open an e-mail client and writing a message from there. An easy-to-use contact form with as few required fields as possible is always a good idea.

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