Adding nofollow attribute to your WordPress blogroll

nofollow blogroll links

If you want to add the “nofollow” attribute to any link in your blogroll (and you should do this if your links come from paid sources or if you want to limit the flow of pagerank) without using a plugin here’s quick tutorial as to how you can add this...

A tool that made my life easier: IETester


I don’t know what you guys use to check crossbrowser compatibility for your web sites. For Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrom etc, is easy. Download the browser -> install -> check. But what about IE and especially IE6 ? I had some hard days  finding a tool that allows me to...

An online journal called blogging

i love blogging

So, of course this being my first post I’ll be talking about blogging. Blogging is a phenomenon in which a personalized website called blog is updated regularly with the thoughts and ideas with people online. It also involves collection of different links to the webpages in that website. Blog

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5 Fails To Avoid on Your Business Website in 2017

Online presence is a must-have for every single company, smaller or bigger. Online population is sti

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