Import sample demo content

After activating the theme, there will be a notification with the required and suggested plugins (if there aren’t, you can go to ‘Appearance > Install Plugins’ section as well ).

Try installing and activating these following plugins ( as it effects the importing process ). You can also install all suggested plugins at this step as well.

Then, go to ‘The theme options page > Demo Importer > Import Demo’

Follow the steps mentioned on the screen, then, you’ll get the site like the demo 🙂

Can’t import demo sample date

If you can’t import the demo content or the importer stalls for a long time it means you don’t have the optimal settings for your server.

Here are the optimal settings:

memory_limit = 256M
upload_max_filesize 64M
post_max_size 64M
max_execution_time 300
max_input_time 300

Note that these directives must be changed in your php.ini file on your server. If you don’t have access to the file you’ll need to contact your hosting company and ask them to make the changes for you.

If you want to manually install the demo data you can always found the import files in the archive you’ve downloaded > SampleData