Beginners who want to learn how to blog and establish their own Blog must consider some factors to get a clear idea whether their purpose would be served through blogging. They must ask themselves whether the blog is the one they are searching for or any other medium would do. This questions them – Is a blog right choice? They can clarify for themselves by just noting some important features required for Blogging.

  • Writing is what is involved in maintaining a blog. User must enjoy writing which in turn helps them enjoy Blogging. You might start a blog just for the fun of it but it might be a time waste. The user needs to have a message to communicate through the blog which makes the purpose complete. For this user must have good writing and communicating skills to present the topic in his best way.
  • A focus on how a blog can be started is important. However, many types of Software are available in the markets which give a kick start in this process. A blog has to be maintained and hence availability of time is necessary for a user.
  • To deal with a variety of softwares required to set up a blog, one must have a thorough knowledge to tackle their failures too. Hence technical ability must be handy in order to run the blog without any trouble.
  • Consistent on-going activity, creativity and hardship in maintenance are required in the blog to attract new readers.
  • Choosing a nice topic is the next step. User must conclude whether to land into one special topic or a variety of topics to be dealt in a single blog. It is advised to take a simple, popular topic which is growing topic too. The topic must have enough content related to it to keep the blog on and on with its posts continuously.
  • When a nice topic is chosen, there comes the role of Platform for a complete set up. A blog can be set up by using free services like, or by creating own domain or by having an own hosted blog. The choice is left to the user and it depends on – goals and strategy of blog establishment, budget and technical abilities of the blogger. It is cheap and simple to run when a hosted blog is the choice. But it is less controllable and configurable. While the stand alone blog platforms provide full control and adaptability.
  • Choosing a Domain Name is the next important decision to be done. Goals and objectives of the blog, source of traffic, security and simplicity affect the choice.
  • It might be overwhelming to the user to choose software when everyday a new tool is introduced into the market. Tools are required to project softwares like Statistics, Blog Editors, Plug-ins, News aggregators etc, which stand as a special feature to the new blog created. Each feature can have a separate tool for its set up like sitemeter, google analytics for statistics, ecto, blogjet for blog editors, bloglines for aggregators etc.

Also note that if you want to learn how to blog and you want to make something more than just a hobby, you must prepare for spending some time almost every day for researching, creating articles etc.