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    I’ve purchased this Theme to replace the old Theme for a homeless charity I’m working with and paid for the years additional support.

    The website is live, but have two problems I can’t solve.

    1.The drop down menu the text is green? I’ve changed the settings several times, but no luck. See link below.


    2. I’ve converted all the old pages and created a few new pages, however the full page template isn’t working. See link below. Ive had to switch them all to Default Template with a sidebar, but they don’t want a side bar.


    3. I’ve uploaded the new theme through WordPress, but it hasn’t added the Child, so am working in the master.

    Thanks for your help.


    Hi there and sorry for the delay.

    1. You can change the menu styling from your dashboard > mega menu > menu themes and select the theme your menu is using.

    2. Make sure that when you edit the main row in the visual composer, right at the bottom you’ll see an option named “Centeres?” that you need to change to “Yes”.

    3. The themes comes with a child so you can easily upload it.



    I’m afraid this still isn’t working and if you trawl through the comments, a number of people have had the same issues with Green in the menu bar.

    I’ve checked and admin have been in and sorted this for customers in earlier posts? Please can you look into this.




    That’s weird. Can you post your login url? The default one returns a 404 page for me.


    Sorry it’s still green. Log in URL is http://www.gloucestershirenightstop.org.uk/glos.




    Are my credentials still in place? Because I get an invalid password error.

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    Just wondered if you’ve managed to have a look at the issue with the green in the menu. Still unable to change this. I have looked further down the page and others have had issues with this.



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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