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    I’m trying to put the Google Tag Manager code in my website. All the instructions are about putting the code just below the <body> tag on every page of the website. I’m trying to do this with a 5 star rated plugin, called Google Tag Manager for WordPress. It says that I have to edit the header.php file of my theme, which happens to be Intuition, but I cannot find the <body> tag there.

    The plugin’s FAQ says:

    In this case you have to edit your template files. Go to wp-content/plugins/themes/<your theme dir> and edit header.php. In most cases you will find the opening <body> tag here.

    If you can not find it, contact the author of the theme and ask for instructions.

    So, that’s what I’m doing just right now. Thank you in advance for any help!


    Hi there,

    The starting body tag is located in the “header.php” file at line 107.

    This is how the line actually looks:

    <body <?php body_class(''); ?>>



    Thank you very much!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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