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    Hey Chris,

    I mentioned in my TF review that the top bar was not responding on resizing in Chrome and was getting “stuck”. The culprit was the <address> tag.

    I edited the header.php in my child theme. To fix this.

    I also added the ability to show or hide text for each of the social icons (I’ve removed the text for my email, so it’s just an icon) with another sortable option setting and the some styles to help it all out.

    (I’ve included the changed files)

    Any chance you can include this in an update?

    Also, an option to add $color to the social Icons.



    Hello Frank,

    Yes, I’m currently working on an update that I will release in a couple of days.

    Can you explain a little bit more how the top bar gets stuck on mobile? I’ve also checked on Chrome but can’t replicate the problem. Maybe you could post a screenshot.

    Also, can you post your url so I can take a look at the changes you’ve made so far to your site?




    Great stuff. Do I need the Envato Toolkit installed to update?

    It get stuck when the <address> is wrapped around the email address. Resizing the window from full to mobile size and back again. It gets stuck when resizing back to full. Screenshot attached. (Though it seems like you already fixed this on you live demo).

    Fraid I can’t post my url as I’m developing locally. But I can post some screenshots. There are not that many changes at this moment.
    Main ones are:
    – Edits to theme options and the framework/compiler + styles to handle those changes.
    – Changes to the top bar through a new header.php file
    – Shrinking Header when it’s sticky

    Let me know if you want me to paste my code for any of these.

    More changes will come I’m sure so I’ll keep you posted. Loving the theme. Love your work.



    Yes, how did you do that?


    Also when i go to it on my phone, there is no phone number, the whole left side is blank


    Hi @chrisruiz83,

    Can you post your url so I can take a look?


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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