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    I’ve been using wordpress since 2007…for some reason, I am having a very difficult time installing and configuring this theme. This is my client’s site: http://www.shadowplaycoaching.com/

    Here’s what I initially did:
    – Installed the Theme via Zip File
    – Imported the sample content via the WordPress importer
    – Viewed every sample, page, noticed that every sample page isn’t loading correctly. I’m seeing the [one_third] shortcodes across the page and the theme isn’t loading.
    – reread the instruction file, examined the Theme Options, the theme still isn’t loading.

    Here’s what I did today:
    – disabled all wordpress plugins
    – deleted the Theme files via FTP
    – reinstalled from Zip file
    – updated to the latest version via WordPress
    – now the Menu isn’t working, the Theme Options are gone, and the theme STILL isn’t loading.

    Please contact me directly via Skype if possible. I need to get this ironed out today. My client expected her website to be done by this past Friday. I’ve been trying to fix it on and off since this past Friday.

    Jeremy Ashburn
    skype id: jeremyashburn


    As a follow up to the above post. I realized that updating to the newest version of the Theme updates it to the wrong Theme. I just reverted back to the version included in the original zip file.

    Main questin is this: How do I get the theme to load correctly? Why is it showing shortcodes instead of loading the theme correctly?

    Here’s an example of a page not loading correctly:


    Hi there,

    1. From what I see on your website the required plugins for the theme to function properly are not installed and activated.

    You should have had a notice in your WP dashboard prompting to install the plugins. If the notice didn’t appear you can easily install them from the theme’s folder > framework > plugins.

    When everything is set up it should work fine.

    2. The update problem happens because it seems there’s a theme on the free WordPress theme repository that share the same name with mine and WordPress incorrectly prompts an update for my theme too.

    Let me know how’s going.



    Thanks! You totally fixed this issue. Yeah, I didn’t get any notifications anywhere that more plugins had to be installed! Thanks again for your help!


    Hello, I read the posts above. I followed the same steps as Jeremy without even knowing his issue. The only difference is that I did get the message to install the plugins and I did install them but it never loaded properly. any help is appreciated.

    Using WP 4.2.2 and have the latest version of Minimal.


    Hi there,

    Did you update the theme when prompted in your dashboard? Because if you did you’ve replaced the minimal theme with the free one with the same name from the WP repository.

    If you did not make the update have you tried to install the plugins manually from the plugins folder in the theme > framework?



    Hey Chris, after our emails I pretty much deleted the WP Installation and reinstalled a fresh one. after that I followed the same process and it all worked fine. I am going to take it as a WP install being corrupted.

    Thank you for the support. you were very responsive.



    That is great. I’m glad you’ve figured it out.



    Hi there.
    Solved the “plugins not installing automatically” issue mentioned before but now once all the required plugins are installed the front end doesn’t look even close to what you show on your sample page.
    Could you tell me how can I get the results you show on the sample page?
    This theme has lots of issues, is there any way I could get my money back?

    Please check the attached print screen.



    Hi there,

    From what I see in the screenshot I’m afraid you don’t have my theme installed. Can you post a test username & pwd. on your site I’ll try to install it for you and set it up like my demo page and you can start customizing from there.


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