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    my site:


    many errors
    Don’t know what happened.
    It just works fine until this morning
    please check it.


    Did you have your php version updated to version 7?


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    I found it was updated to PHP version: 7.1.13.
    I checked with hostgator guy they didn’t do the update.
    I guessed it was auto updated by wordpress.
    How can I downgrade php to the version which just works fine?
    Would you please help? thank you


    If I want to have hostgator help me to change the php version, which version should it be changed to for getfit theme?


    You can have any version higher than 5.4 (like 5.6) but the theme is not yet supporting php 7. Though, I’m working on an update to make it compatible with php v7 very soon.


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    Hi there,

    Before I make any changes to your site please let me know what demo do you want to use? Do you want the “Fitness” one?

    Also, the theme seems to be deactivated and I don’t know which is your front page.

    So, enable the theme and set your front page and let know how do you want your site to look and I’ll make it for you.



    I enabled the theme.
    Yes I want the fitness one.
    I want my front page to be “home” with the slider.
    I want it just looked like the getfit one I did as much as possible thus you can change the theme to getfit temporary for reference. As I said, it’s a work around solution to take noxcape as php7 issue of getfit.

    Thank you


    Can you please change the backend language to English while I make changes and then you can switch it back.



    I have changed the language to English.

    Please take a look.
    Thank you

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    You can check it out and see if that’s what you’re looking for.



    Does noxcape support “tab” and “flexible column” function?

    Would you please help me to modify one page like bellow
    Thus I can apply the same code to other pages for “tab” function by simple copy and paste the code myself?
    Thank yoy

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)

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