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    I purchased Minimal as my client’s previous designer had used it but had edited the files directly rather than use a child theme and as I try to unpick everything and do it the right way (!) getting a clean copy of the theme seemed like the best idea.

    I am having difficulty with the size of the logo. I am using an image that is 491 x 150 but on my test site it is showing as 270 x 82 and on the site I am trying to fix it’s 370 x 113

    So what do I need to do to get to the size I want?


    Hi there,

    That’s weird because the theme doesn’t change the size of the logo. You can upload any size. Can you post your url so I can take a look?



    I keep posting a rely but it’s not showing here





    Everytime I post the url, the post doesn’t work!




    For some reason your entries went in spam.

    So, it seems that your logo is too large for the container. You can edit the file named “header.php” and change at lines 62 and 73 the containers of the logo and menu.

    The current containers sizes are span3 for the logo and span9 for the menu. Note that whatever size you choose the sum of the containers must not be larger than 12.

    For example to increase the logo size you can set the logo class to span5 and the menu one to span7.



    What’s the optimal size for a logo if I don’t want to edit the php?


    On my demo page the size is 134×48.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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