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    I have many annoying problems with the template:
    1. visual composer (wp bakery) + ultimate addons:
    a. I cant update it & asked to activate license
    b. Many changes i make do not work, for example: if i want to copy a certain element from one page to another it dose not work.

    2. Mega menu:
    a. I make changes but they are not working
    for example: mobile menu icon location and more

    3. Theme options:
    a. sticky menu do not work
    b. menu height do not change

    4. Header images on internal pages is suddenly lower (didn’t touch it)


    Hello again!
    I bought a 40$ support package for 0 answers in 30 hours.
    It’s very disappointing.

    Please reply,
    Your template has serious problems



    Hi there,

    1. I’ve tried to login to your site and take a closer look but it seems you’ve changed the login url. Can you post the login url so I can check it out?

    2. The mobile menu is not managed by mega menu plugin but the theme. It will get the theme main accent colors.

    3. I’ve checked your site but the sticky menu is working fine on my side. Do you still encounter problems with it? Make sure that you clear your browser’s cache and refresh the page after making any changes.

    4. Header images have been changed by the latest update to Visual COmposer. You’ll need to add a space section.


    This reply has been marked as private.

    I’ve tried to login to that url before but I always get this error:

    403 Forbidden

    Can you check it out and let me know?



    Please try again.
    I have removed the server security for you to access the login URL, Please let me know as soon as possible if you finished because i would like to secure it back again.

    * Please address the other questions above

    Thank you



    Check it out now and see if it’s ok.

    To edit the menu styling go to your dashboard > Mega Menu > Menu Themes and edit the default menu.


    Thank you, things work much better now.

    * i can see that the mobile menu is still not sticky
    and i cant seem to find where to change the hight on mobile.


    The mobile menu is not supposed to be sticky because it will behave weird on mobile devices.

    You can change the height of the menu by simply adding top and bottom padding in the styling section as described above.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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