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    Hello, thank you for support. This is my problems:

    – I have a big problem with the load in principal images from ordinary post from blog, and the images from classes. The images can be loaded, or loaded varius minutes later. The gif of loading is the only that is visible. This happens in the entrys.

    – I like to know to translate to spanish “SHARING IS CARING” in blog post, and “Navigate to” from the responsive menu.

    PHP Version is 7.2, but in all versions have the problem with the images

    Thanks for all.


    Hi there,

    1. Check it out and see if it’s ok now.

    2. For the nav text you’ll need to edit the theme’s file “mobile-menu.js” and you’ll see the text on line 10.

    The sharing is caring can be translated in the theme’s language file located in the theme’s folder > framework > lang. You’ll find the en_US.po and .mo files that you can rename to your language code and then edit the files and translate the content. Or you can use loco translate or a plugin like that and use the language files location.



    Great the images works!!!. Thanks you!!

    I will to investigate the languages and loco translate says: Error: Translation set not known in Fitness in all languages and Spanish

    In Spanihs, Loco translate in the general view says:

    “Este paquete no es compatible de forma automática y necesita ser configurado antes de poder utilizar todas las funciones de Loco Translate. Haz clic en la pestaña instalación para terminar la configuración del paquete.”

    CAn you help me?



    Ok, I have fixed everything up for you. Now just go to loco translate > themes > Fitness and edit the Spanish language an translate your desired strings.


    Hello again

    All works perfect!!!. Thanks for all!!

    Perfect Support 😀


    Hi again

    I solved all problems in the translate to my language after your help with the Loco Tranlate, except the menu mobile chain character “Navigate to …”.
    I changed the variable in Loco translate and sincronized to change to “Seleccione …” but dont works and see “Navigate to …”

    Can you help me with this?.



    Hi there,

    I’ve checked your site but on my side the string is “Seleccione” and not “Navigate to” anymore. Do you still encounter the problem?



    Hi there!!

    Now is all perfect!!. Thanks fot the perfect Support!!!.



    Hello again

    I have again the problen with the loading principal imagesof the post in the blog.

    IS in the new entries after your fixed

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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