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    I’ve uploaded the latest version of Minimal to this dev site: http://dev.urban-skin.com/

    The shortcodes don’t work and I can’t see the SD Shortcodes dropdown menu when I’m editing (which I can see on another site where I’m running Minimal). Please advise.

    Many thanks,



    PS: the themes admin panel says there is a newer version of Minimal, but when I clicked update, it looked absolutely nothing like the theme so I reverted to the previous version. Please advise on this as well, thanks.


    Hi there,

    1. Make sure that the “SD Shortcodes” plugin is installed and activated. You can also install it manually from the theme’s folder > framework > plugins > sd-shortcodes.zip

    2. That is a bug from the WordPress repository. It seems that someone launched another theme with the name “Minimal”, which is hosted on the WordPress free themes repository. This theme now triggers an update for my theme too so please don’t update because you’ll download a whole other theme instead of mine.




    I’m getting the same problem with the missing SD Shortcodes dropdown, but I’ve just checked and the sd-shortcodes.zip isn’t in the theme at all.

    Is there somewhere I can download it from?



    Hi there and sorry for the delay. I was out of office for the last 3 weeks for the summer holiday.

    The file is there in the archive. If you go to your theme’s folder > framework > plugins you can see it there.

    Let me know how’s going.



    Delay? Far as I’m concerned an 8 hour turn around time for a reply on a forum is pretty good 🙂

    Do you mean the theme’s folder that I downloaded? If so, the only file in there is one for revslider (GetFit/Upload/getfit/framework/plugins/revslider.zip).

    It looks like there are shortcodes.css and shortcodes.php files in the framework/css and framework/inc folders respectively if these have anything to do with it (they may not, I’m a bit of a WordPress n00b).



    That’s weird. What theme do you have installed? GetFit or Minimal? Cause they work different.




    It’s the GetFit one.

    Just to make sure, I redownloaded the source files, and the sd_shortcodes definitely aren’t in there (I always assume that I’m an idiot and missed something obvious).



    Hey Tom,

    The GetFit theme doesn’t have the shortcodes bundled in a plugin, they’re bundled within the theme, that’s why you can’t find the files. Since you’ve posted on the “Minimal” support forum I’ve assumed you’re using the “Minimal” theme that actually has the shortcodes bundled in a plugin 🙂

    So, your theme has all the shortcodes inside it but due to the latest WordPress updates, currently there isn’t a way to automatically insert them into the page so you’ll need to manually make use of them ( that’s until I release an update which I’m working on)

    You can find all the shortcodes explained in the documentation files located in the archive you’ve downloaded > Documentation > GetFit > index.



    Ah, sorry, my bad. I just searched for posts about missing shortcodes without really paying much attention to which forum I was posting in!

    Thanks for taking the time to get back to me, I’ll have a run through the documentation 🙂

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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