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    Hi there,

    I went into my site yesterday to make a minor change to a page, and when I refreshed on the front-end, the styling had reverted back to the demo – even though my change had nothing to do with styling. I went back in to check and make sure all my style settings and CSS was still there, and it is. But it’s not getting applied. I have no idea what happened or why it’s not loading the stylesheet.

    The site is https://prstx.com
    I’m happy to send my login credentials, but I can’t figure out how to message you privately.

    Please advise as soon as possible.

    Schuyler Hames

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    Hi Schuyler,

    That’s weird. I’ve saved your settings again and it now seems to look ok.

    Check it out and see if everything is fine.



    Nope. I’ve cleared the cache on each of these browser’s at least 3 times before taking these screenshots.


    It gave me an exceeded file size error after I posted the reply. Here are the screenshots.


    I don’t think you’ve cleared your cloudfare cache. I just did it. Try it now.



    Ahh, yes. That was my mistake. Thank you for your help!


    Literally every time I update this theme, it reverts back to the original theme colors for various elements. Not every element – just random elements, like the Top Bar, for example. And the footer styles. I’ve purged every cache, including Cloudflare and it doesn’t make a difference. Please advise.



    Hi there,

    What exactly do you mean when you say update the theme? Change any of the theme files or the theme styling from the theme options page?



    I just realized I posted on the wrong support ticket. I’ve had this same issue in the past with this theme, and I thought this was the ticket for that issue. But I’m realizing that this was an old ticket from another issue with a different site using the Digital Agency theme. The current issue is for http://fortbendpetsalive.org using the Helping Hands theme. Sorry about that. I can create a new ticket under that theme support section, if need be.

    I’m referring to anytime there is a theme update (via WordPress Updates)…after I update (child theme), I go to the frontend of the site and random elements are the wrong colors or fonts. For example, the top bar is the green used on the Helping Hands demo site. Same with the font and colors in the footer. Like I said, I’ve had this issue in the past with this theme, which is why I went to my old tickets instead of creating a new one. But I accidentally posted on the wrong ticket. I’ve tried clearing caches, saving my Theme Style settings…but nothing seems to work. The styles are still showing the correct colors/fonts in the Theme Style settings in the backend. It’s just on the frontend that they are showing the wrong colors.

    Hopefully I haven’t confused you. Let me know if I need to create another ticket.



    Oh, i think I understand now. Make sure that after every update you simply go to your theme options page, make a small change and then hit save so the custom css file is repopulated.

    The update is rewriting your saved file with a blank one so you need to save your changes after update so it is written again with the same styling.



    Hey there,

    Tried making a small change but it’s still not repopulating the stylesheet. Tried clearing the cache (Cloudflare, WP Engine, and browser), but that didn’t seem to solve the issue either. 🙁



    That’s weird, I’m not sure why you’re encountering these problems but I’ve just logged in on your site and changed the top bar background to a little bit darker shade than the original one and it worked perfectly fine. You can check it out (and change it back to the original color).

    I’ve simply changed the color and purged the cloudflare cache and refreshed the page.

    What change did you try to make?



    Actually, that’s the exact change I tried making (changing the color of the top bar slightly, saving, clearing caches, refreshing). Just now, I cleared my browser cache like 3 more times but I’m still seeing the demo colors.

    So you’re seeing the lime green for the top bar?


    Yes, I can properly see the color changed: http://d.pr/i/1qjMUX

    I still think it’s a caching problem. Did you try loading the site on a different device?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)

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