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    Hi I’ve been using the Asteria Business Responsive theme for quite awhile and have had no problems until a couple of weeks ago. Suddenly everything is painfully slow. No matter what I click on in WordPress it takes about 30 seconds to come up. I figure I better update wordpress to 4.0.1 that failed. hmm. i went through my plugins and deleted any that i was not using. didn’t help. i then deactivated plug in by plug in and deleted the plug ins until i had no plugins installed. still wordpress slower than molasses. so i called bluehost (my provider) tech support. I had made a full backup so I wasn’t worried about losing anything. i asked them if they could upgrade the wordpress for me since i was getting an error. they did. so then i had a complete wordpress upgrade, no plugins installed and still wordpress acting very slow. the tech support guy said “it’s your theme.” he disabled it and set it to another basic theme. yep sure enough wordpress working just fine again. (but now everything ugly). so i deleted the asteria theme from my server, redownloaded a fresh copy of the theme and uploaded it and installed it. bah, same thing. slow, slow, slow. I realize it has been several years and perhaps time for a new theme BUT all of my pages are formated to use the Asteria-responsive-business-wordpress-theme/3515464 and when I switch to another theme i lose all my page formatting and i don’t want to have to rebuild each page. right now I have put it back to use Asteria so everything looks normal to the end user but it is painfully slow for me to make updates. can you help? Is there a newer version I can install? I am happy to purchase a newer version of the theme I just need everything to continue to work they way it was working a few weeks ago.


    Hi there,

    That’s weird, can you post a test username & pwd. so I can take a closer look?

    You can use the private reply function of the forum.



    Thanks Chris, I had to switch to another theme. It was just painful and I delete and reinstalled everything over and over. Every theme but that one worked so I just had to bite the bullet. But thanks anyway. You can delete my post so it won’t confuse anyone.

    This reply has been marked as private.

    Hey Sasha,

    I’ve tried to log in but it always returns an invalid username error. Can you please double check and let me know?



    Hi Chris,

    Sorry, my bad – I had a database issue while installing a security plugin and had to use a backed up database to resolve – of course this new user wasn’t in it 😉

    Just added it back, so you should be able to login.




    Can you please check it out now and let me know if the problem is still there?



    Oooh it’s much faster! Thanks so much for the quick troubleshooting.
    What was the problem? And am I ok to update to WP 4.1 (I know the theme is technically compatible with 3.8 at most)?

    Thanks again!


    do mind deleting my original post (I would but don’t see anyway to do it). I’m no longer using your theme (and would prefer not to have my link in there). Thanks so much!



    I don’t see a problem why it should not work. But you should make a backup first, just to be on the safe side.

    Per your request I’ve removed your link.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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