I don’t know what you guys use to check crossbrowser compatibility for your web sites. For Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrom etc, is easy. Download the browser -> install -> check. But what about IE and especially IE6 ? I had some hard days  finding a tool that allows me to have the rendering and javascript engines of IE6. I’ve struggled with BrowserShots till one day when all became clear.

I want to tell you today about about a tool that made my life easier from the day one since I used it. I was able not only to test IE6 but also IE7, IE8 and even IE5.5 if that matters. I’m talking about IETester from DebugBar.

Although the headaches remained the same with Microsoft’s browsers, at least I was able to test the browsers fast.

I don’t know if this tool is old and you already knew it, but for me was like a revelation and I thought this is a good share.

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