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    Twitter changed its API to v1.1 and does not allow pulling content from their feed unauthenticated anymore.

    So, in order to display your tweets in the footer you must create a Twitter app here: http://dev.twitter.com/apps

    After you’ve created your app you’ll be given these credentials:

    • Consumer Key
    • Consumer Secret
    • Access Token
    • Access Token Secret

    Now, simply insert them into the theme options page > Footer and you’re good to go.

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    Please follow the above steps and you’ll be good to go.


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    This is weird. If you inserted the correct credentials in the footer it should work.

    Can you send me a test username & pwd. on your website so I can take a closer look? You can use the contact form on my profile page on Themeforest to send me a private message.


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    Hello good evening! Please I need help with three problems that I have with this template I bought:
    1. How to disable the twitter?
    Two. In the header the blue that has the phone numbers and address is not shown please fill me could tell me the solution, annex image.
    Three. And finally how do I enable footer and I saw they have the widget but it distorts the arrangement of the elements.

    I would appreciate help please.

    Thank you!


    Hi there,

    1. You need to edit the file named “footer.php” and remove lines 12, 13 and 14.

    <div class="grey-stripe clearfix">
        <?php get_template_part('framework/inc/latest-tweets'); ?>

    2. Can you send me your url so I can take a look?

    3. You simply add widgets to the footer sidebars.



    Hi good afternoon.
    Thanks for the prompt response and it worked to perfection, Annex I send the link so they can verify it: http://gesaweb.com/test/.

    On the other hand wanted to comment that I get the search words only when I write, but when I search for the categories drop down menu or not I get any results.

    Can you help me please with this detail.

    Many Thanks and Regards



    1. I’m not sure I understand. On your website I can see the blue bg with the phone and address.

    2. The search box only works based on keywords. If there is no keyword inserted there will be no results.



    Hi good afternoon, I send reference attached images so you can see exactly what I mean.

    On the other hand should specify that the search only works with keywords and not make the final design would not be 100%, in the same way as you would to make it work completely or price finder would make those adjustments.

    Thank you for your prompt response.


    I understand now. That is happening because you did not activate any of the two icons from the top right (facebook & linkeding). Though, if you don’t want to activate those buttons, simply paste this in the theme options page > Styling > Custom CSS box:

    #header {
        height: 165px;

    Save. Done.



    And as for the search as I make it work properly all the fields?



    Sorry, but the search will only work with keywords. It will search for the required keywords in the selected categories. If no keyword is inserted there will be no results.



    Hi good morning.
    How do I disable the message that says: “Comments are closed.” I do not wish to appear in any of the post.

    Thank you very much.!

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